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A Step Towards Healthy Pakistan

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The need for authentic, timely and easily comprehensible information cannot be underestimated for establishing and maintaining a healthy society. In Pakistan, this need becomes critically compounded if you look at the average life expectancy, infant mortality rates, infectious disease burden, prevalence of chronic and serious health issues, and rates of birth defects and genetic disorders.

Lack of facilities for all economic classes of our population reflect in the indicators like short life expectancy and infant mortality. Lack of information results in life-style illnesses and unhealthy dieting habits which is completely oblivious of the harmful effects of excessive sugar, salt, oil intake and sedentary laid-back living in vast swathes of our society. This makes us to face alarming challenges in prevalence of diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory tract problems, and gastro-intestinal issues. This situation gets accentuated with the periodic onslaughts of outbreaks and epidemics – like dengue, naegleria, diarrhea, flu, etc. access to basic healthcare facilities and lack of public information on easily preventable diseases.

The roots of many of these healthcare challenges in Pakistan comprise the following spectrum:

• Lack of reliable public health information
• Widespread unhealthy practices – in diet, middle-class laid back lifestyles, unhygienic practices
• Lack of affordable healthcare facilities for a greater segment of population
• Lack of quality standards in healthcare facilities, professionals and medicines
• Lack of civic amenities
• Impure dietary ingredients

In this backdrop, Sehatonline is created to make a sincere effort to promote health awareness among general public.
Sehatonline intends to establish as a reference source for health-related information in Pakistan.


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