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Sehat Online
A Step Towards Healthy Pakistan

Sehatonline offers authentic, credible and value added health information to the general public of Pakistan in particular and people across continents in general. This particularly helps to fill the gaps in areas where medical facilities, providers and medicines are scarce or inaccessible due to remoteness of areas or lack of affordability.

Sehatonline intents is to enhance health awareness and education that would lead to improvement in the health status of the people.

The information on Sehatonline is presented in simple plain language both in English and Urdu to ensure better understanding.  It mainly covers aspects of basic health issues, common diseases & conditions, medicines, healthy living and hospital information that is relevant for the general public of Pakistan to make informed decision, when required.

The information leaflets on Sehatonline are uniquely prepared by health experts after reviewing major credible medical and health information resources around the world.

Sehatonline intends to establish as a reference source for health-related information in Pakistan.


The content provided on Sehatonline is solely for awareness and educational purposes. The information on Sehatonline does not substitute the need to consult qualified doctor to obtain medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Sehatonline strongly discourages using the provided information for self-medication by patient or care givers.  Sehatonline offers information in the form of recommendations or suggestions. The information is not binding for users.

Advertising Policy

Sehatonline will accept advertisements and sponsorships under strict guidelines. Sponsorship and advertising are accepted to bear the cost of running the service. Sehatonline does not endorse or validate any product or service advertised on the website. The user of the product or service will indemnify Sehatonline from any legal liability and financial loss.
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