Natural health products – be cautious

Herbal Products


Herbal products or Natural therapies are somewhat buzz word all over the world claiming to treat and eliminate illnesses magically. There is no doubt that natural herbs if used properly have numerous health benefits however, not all natural products are safe and effective for all persons.

In reality, many of those claims are not supported by authentic and reliable medical evidence. Additionally, a large proportion these products, which are currently sold as natural or herbal products are not even from natural source. At many occasions, these natural products are found deliberately mixed with banned chemicals and analogues of pharmaceutical products. Many of those prohibited chemicals have caused serious side effects.

Most of these products claim treatment for diabetes, weight loss, cure for cancer and sexual enhancement.

It is therefore, very important for public to scrutinize and take all precautions before buying and using these products. It is wise to discuss use of these products with your doctor.

Following are some precautions that users should consider before using natural products

  • Big claims – People should be suspicious of products that claim for complete cure or treatment to many illnesses at the same time
  • Note the supporting evidence – Advertisements of many of these products include personal experience or testimonials instead of proper scientific data
  • Rapid cure – claim to cure or treat many chronic diseases in a short period of time such as many types of cancers, heart disease and diabetes
  • Claiming to be completely natural or herbal – thus claiming no side effects
  • Miracle cure – never before
  • Source of raw material – Usually full list of ingredients and their sources are not mentioned on the label.

Source of raw material – Usually full list of ingredients and their sources are not mentioned on the label.
It is important to understand that all natural products are not supposed to be safe for everyone.

Many of these natural products sold through unreliable websites and newspapers advertisements are scams and people should think twice before consuming these products.

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