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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness


Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just simply the absence of disease. (WHO)

It is however represents a state of an individual that enables him to achieve personal aspirations and contribute positively to the society and community.

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Health is not an isolated subject – it has inter-dependencies on various other factors such as education, income level, civic amenities, environment, genetic factors, food we eat, quality of drinking water, life-style, and occupational health.

All these factors contribute towards maintenance of healthy individuals and societies.


The concept of wellness explains the process of making informed changes or accepting choices that can bring success and happiness in life.

It requires a holistic approach at the level of individuals (consciously choosing healthy options), communities (promotion or acceptance of healthy behaviours, e.g. early rising early sleeping, healthy food options in social gatherings (weddings), work/personal life balance) and government (setting laws and systems to promote health (strengthening preventive care and availability of health information).

Wellness constitutes the continuous effort, it is recognized as an active process.

There are many dimensions of Wellness. Here is the list with brief summary of each:

1. Social Wellness

Emphasizes sense of belonging with nature and surroundings. It reinforces sense of connection with family, friends and society.

2. Emotional Wellness

Enables us to know ourselves, understand feelings and emotions of happiness, sadness, hope, joy, anger and fear in a positive manner and use them constructively throughout the life.

3. Physical Wellness

Promotes adoption of healthy behaviors (periodic check-ups, healthy diet, life-style, not smoking and drinking) to reduce stress and fatigue impacting our daily life.

4. Occupational Wellness

Covers the aspects of individual’s satisfaction through work or employment by maintaining work and personal life balance.

5. Financial Wellness

Allows fulfillment with current economic conditions and future improvement opportunities.

6. Spiritual Wellness

Highlights the sense of purpose in life. Be thankful and contended to what are we blessed. Involving in regular prayers, faith-based activities and community work give internal peace & harmony and balance of emotions & feelings.

7. Intellectual Wellness

Encourages developing creative ideas, acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills for own intellectual growth and personal interest and sharing with individuals and larger groups help communities to benefit. Motivates people to be productive, not self-satisfied and open to life-long learning.

8. Environmental Wellness

Promotes understanding about quality of air, water, soil and surroundings. Be wise in using these shared natural resources in sustainable way and watchful in using items that are contributing in environmental pollution e.g. plastic bags, litter.

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