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Normal Level of glucose in blood

Glucose values are in milligrams per deciliter, or mg/dL

Normal blood glucose values may slightly vary among different laboratories

Blood sample from a vein is collected after at least 8-10 hours of fasting to check the glucose level in the blood.  This is referred as Fasting blood glucose testRandom blood glucose test is carried out from the blood sample, which is collected 2 hours after the meal.

Glycosylated Hemogloin test (HbA1c)

This test measures the level of glucose level in the blood over the past 120 days.  An HbA1c reading of 6.5% or above is suggestive of diabetes

Single stick Blood glucose test (Glucose meter)

In this test, a drop of blood from a finger prick is placed on the glucose strip and the equipment (glucometer) shows the reading on the display.  This is primarily suitable for monitoring the glucose level at home.  Results from this method are not always very reliable, and thus venous blood samples should be tested periodically in the laboratory for accurate assessment.
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